Artist Statement

When I moved to the Gulf coast, the realm of making pictures expanded
when a friend invited me to ride in his helicopter. That was the beginning
of my taking aerials of the local beaches. I observed during the editing
and digital processing not only the delightful variation in colors and
composition, but also the realization that beachgoers are typically caught
up in the present, in their own stories, while the narratives of others play
out in the sand and water around them and that all this can be seen from
above. My aerial vignettes are captured from an altitude of 500 feet or
more and invite the viewer to absorb all that happens in a fleeting
moment at the beach, and to connect.
My work is exhibited regularly at the Art Center Sarasota, ArtCenter
Manatee, Englewood Art Center and Venice Art Center, where it is also
sold in the gift shop. I am a member of these art centers as well as the
Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club, having received honorable
mention in salon competitions and at the Longboat Key Center for the

Note from a buyer: “These are just fabulous! Resonances of La Grande
Jatte. I love the frisson of legal voyeurism from such a safe distance. And
as we zoom in, the figures seem more artfully posed even as they appear
slightly more human looking. You've created a very rich and unique
fantasy world out of real-world fodder. Thanks for letting us visit.”  Bob
Susan Ashley Michael